Feb 2017 : Contracted by CLASP / World Bank

To support the Standards & Labeling project in Punjab. Ceiling fans are the only Pakistan Energy Label certified appliances, and HIMA^Verte has been contracted to develop a detailed project for the replacement of million fans in education and health facilities in Punjab 

Jan 2017 : UNIDO award for HIMA^Verte solar water heater business plan

HIMA^Verte business plan for solar water heaters supplied through gas utility bills wins a UNIDO award amongst 16 winners from the Asia/Pacific region. The PFAN (Project Finance Advisory Network) award scheme recognises innovative business ideas which enable reduction in Green House Gas emissions.  

Feb 2017: Solar heated swimming pool commissioned

The first solar water heated swimming pool installed by SHAMA Solar was commissioned successfully at the residence of Jehanzeb Khan in Lahore. 185 evacuated glass tube solar collectors were installed with a differential temperature controller.

World Resources Institute certification in Green House Gas Protocol - Aug 2016:

Obtained certified training from the World Resources Institute, USA to undertake carbon footprint of companies. This is referred to as the WRI Green House Gas (GHG) Corporate Protocol.

Nov 2015: Efergy Pakistan Launched

After the appointment of HIMA^Verte as the authorised distributor of the Efergy energy monitoring appliances in Pakistan, our company will have a "soft launch" of Efergy products at our stall being set up at the Green Building Council of Pakistan's first Expo in Lahore. To view the Efergy products visit

Nov 2015 : SHAMA Solar donates to Girls Hostel, Hunza

Ms Hussan Bibi from Shimshal Valley has recently established a hostel in Hunza to enable girls from remote areas to attend school and college, while having a safe and convenient place to stay. Since this hostel does not have any hot water, SHAMA Solar will be donating one solar water of 200 liters capacity. In exchange the students will research and record performance parameters of the solar water heater to build experience the operating efficiency of the solar water heater in the climate and setting of Hunza. 

Oct 2015 : HIMA^Verte enters into partnership with Agri Innotech

for manufacturing trials of organic fertiliser. Bio Organic Phosphate is the organic method of producing fertilizer. Phosphate is the organic method of producing phosphate fertilizer. Phosphate is an essential ingredient of life, and plants. It is used in structure such as DNA and RNA, and plays a key role as building material and catalyst at all stages of plant growth especially rooting, flowering and fruiting. BoP is certified by the Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). Since BoP is produced organically by changing the chemical compositions of Phosphate rock, it s environmentally friendly as much lower carbon emission take place, as compared to chemical production. More information will be posted once we receive some positive results from our present validation cycle.

July 2015 : Collabration with Efergy : 

A meeting was held between the Managing Partner of HIMA^Verte and Mr.Don Munro, CEO of Efergy in Hangzhou, China to start the distribution of energy monitoring devices in Pakistan. There is a plan to launch the products in November 2015 at the first Green Building Council of Pakistan Symposium at Lahore. The devices can be installed at homes, offices, factories to have real-time and remote monitoring of energy consumption which research shows leads to an average of 15% energy savings. 

June 2015: Renewable Energy training, China:

The Managing Partner of SHAMA Solar was selected as part of the 9-member Pakistan delegation to attend this training at the North China Electric Power University. 

Jan 2015: HIMA^Verte starts business operations 

The four founding directors of HIMA^Verte commit to include a self-limiting clause in their legal business registration document to : ".....only undertake business activity in an environmentally and socially responsible manner..."